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In-Person Coaching

1 on 1

1 on 1 with the Savage & team is the most efficient way to lasting physical improvement.  The first session is a comprehensive physical assessment and discovery session. After determining where you are physically and setting goals, a plan and program will be developed that will allow you to reach those goals.  Your goals and well-being are our #1 priority. If we are the correct fit, our programs and packages are individualized to your needs.

Group Programs

Several group programs have been designed to meet your needs.

Small Group:  2-5 people. All individuals have a set cost that can consist of packages or monthly rates.  We attempt to be as flexible as possible but Small Group sessions will be set times and dates during the month at a time that allows for consistent, quality service.

Group/Class:  6 or more people.  Dates and times will be pre-posted per month.  Drop-in, packages and monthly rates are available.  Team members who are certified Triple R System™ trainers will run all Groups/Classes.


1 on 1

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Group Program

Small Group and Classes Available

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