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Triple R System™

The Triple R System™ was developed to allow anyone at any level of health, fitness, or athleticism make lasting physical improvements.  By working through the sequence of the Rebuild, Refine, and Rediscover stages, your true physical potential can be unlocked.

Your body’s rate of improvement will dictate your progress throughout the Triple R System™.  Each step must be mastered before moving to the next level. Understanding that lasting change must occur in the correct sequence is key to embracing the process.


Building the base.  The foundations of ideal breathing, core activation, and movement patterns are instilled.  Eliminate pain and set the groundwork for the ultimate you. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a person in pain, or anywhere in between, you need to start with a focus on the base to enable opportunities for continued improvement.


Building on the base while becoming strong and resilient. The stronger you are at ideal movements, the better you will be able to interact with life, sport, and training.  A stronger you is a more resilient you.


Reclaim your body’s potential.  Your body and mind now have the tools to progress and attack goals full force with the knowledge and physical ability to go hard towards success.

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