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Dr. Michael Stromsness, aka the Enlightened Savage, grew up in a small rural town in Western New York as one of 19 children.  Yes, you read that correctly… four biological and 15 adopted.


From an early age, he came to hold the belief that the way to succeed was through academics and athletics.  And it was then that the beginning of the Enlightened Savage was born. He excelled in both, having played football and lacrosse during his college career.  As an undersized athlete, he decided the way to successfully compete was to outwork everyone by putting in countless hours of sweat equity in the weight room, on the field and on the track.  But by age 22, the Savage felt broken from the incorrect execution of exercises and injuries sustained from football and lacrosse.

After graduating with a Pre-Med degree and a BS in Chemistry, the Savage began his work as a chemist, which he didn’t find mentally fulfilling.  With the helpful guidance of his wife, he found and enrolled in Chiropractic school, earning his Doctorate in Chiropractic. The Savage was very fortunate to gain some amazing mentors who were top rehab, sports performance, and injury prevention specialists while obtaining his Chiropractic education.  Under their tutelage and guidance, he took thousands of hours of continued education with the sole purpose of helping people live a fulfilled life.

By learning and studying under the world’s most renowned experts, patterns and similarities became apparent.  Taking the most efficient parts and pieces from hundreds of techniques, systems, and protocols, the Savage developed the Triple R System™.  This Triple R System™ is a way to apply principles of health, biomechanics, rehab, and performance, which enables anyone to make lasting physical improvement and thrive.  As the Savage’s schedule continued to fill, he began training others to help guide people through his Triple R System™ to reach their potential.

In addition to improving peoples’ lives, Dr. Stromsness enjoys many activities that include practicing Jiu-Jitsu, skiing and traveling with his wife, a Navy doctor, and two daughters.

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